Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Our Absurdly Coiffed “President”

The hair should have been the tip-off. Aside from the boorishness, the incompetence and the dishonesty, did anyone really think that a 70-year-old man with ridiculous dyed, combed-over hair would be a good president? If Barack Obama had had James Brown hair, would anybody have taken him seriously? Of course not.

Before Trump, who thought it possible to have a president worse than George W. Bush? Bush presided during 9-11, the invasion of Iraq, a crippling financial meltdown, and the disastrously inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina.

Trump’s huge national and international crises are yet to come. We can only hope the consequences won’t be too terribly grave. Trump has disgraced the presidency and dishonored the country. He’s disgusting.

Button your coat, you slob. He doesn’t have the decency, respect, good sense or good taste to button his suit coat. He ties his tie so the wide end hangs way down below his belt. Does he think the long tie disguises his fat belly? If that’s the purpose, you’d think he’d button his coat because it would do a much better job. For his tie to hang that low, the narrow end has to be very short. He Scotch-tapes it high up on the back of the wide end. No kidding, that’s true.

His pants are too short. With all his millions, you’d think he’d have a tailor who would tell him his pants should break atop his shoes.

Obama was the coolest president ever. He had great dignity. He cared. He had great warmth. He had a sense of humor. He was very smart. He was modest and self-effacing. He was decent. Not one scandal in eight years as president. As a campaigner and as president, he worked out every day. He was an athlete. He body-surfed. He played basketball. He was a good golfer. He stayed in great shape. That helped him handle the intense stress of being president and leader of the free world.

Trump is a lazy lard ass. He doesn’t exercise. He’s a lousy, awkward golfer. He thinks the body has a finite amount of energy, so he doesn’t want to expend too much. He’s willfully ignorant. He’s a national and global embarrassment. Worse, he’s extremely dangerous. Vain, immature, insecure, a bully, a con man, a phony. The bullying is to cover his deep insecurity. He’s a small, weak man. Men and boys couldn’t have a worse model. Let’s hope he self-destructs before he does too much more damage.